Caitlin Moran || How to Build a Girl

After having read How to Build a Girl I found out that I missed out an Caitlin Moran. I apparently missed How to be a Woman and therefore started reading How to Build a Girl without any expectation. I was pleasantly surprised. How to Build a Girl reminded me of Adrian Mole and Bridget Jones, on steroids. I loved Johanna aka Dolly Wilde and was amused and touched by her efforts to build herself. Having experienced the eighties myself I had no trouble imaging what Johanna aka Dolly Wilde would look like and how the music she had to comment on might have sounded. I don’t think Johanna is your typical teenager; not many will actually succeed in changing themselves (on the surface that is) and acquiring a job as a music critic. It was fun to read about her exploits though, especially since deep down under she remains the insecure teenager she started out as, despite all the sexual and alcoholic exploits. I was glad that Moran made her go to a Take That concert in which she was allowed to scream her lungs out for her favourite singer, Johanna deserved it.

At the end I felt that grown-up Johanna looking back on those years took over; all of a sudden Johanna became very philosophical and wise. It kind of took away the rawness of the book, as if Moran wanted to make sure that we understood that everything would turn out alright for Johanna, too bad. Nevertheless, I hope that there is going to be a sequel since I would love to follow further exploits of Johanna aka Dolly Wilde.



How to build a Girl


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