Sarah Hall || The Wolf Border

Three story lines meet in The Wolf Border: the re-introduction of wolves into Cumbria, the unexpected pregnancy of main character Rachel and her younger brother’s drugs addiction. Rachel, just over 40, has chosen a life dedicated to the study and re-introduction of wolves. When she finds herself pregnant of a co-worker she runs. Being the child of a rather carefree mother who did not really invest in raising her children, a pregnancy is not exactly good news to Rachel. So she runs, to Cumbria – her homeland. In Cumbria she plans to decide whether she is going to keep the baby, or not. A recent job offer makes the transition easy. Rachel is going to work for a wealthy lord who has decided to re-introduce wolves on his vast property. Rachel is his preferred project manager. In Cumbria Rachel decides to have the baby and is sucked slowly but certainly into family life. Up to and including finding a potential husband and taking care of her younger brother who turns out to be a drug addict. The three story lines start out separately and at the end have become more and more intertwined. Neither story line digs deep. I was rather curious why the rich lord is set on re-introducing the wolves and slowly but certainly loses interest, I would have liked to read more about Rachel’s youth. Why did it make her anxious to have her own child and why does Rachel not tell the father about the pregnancy? Hall mentions everything, superficially however. I would have preferred two story lines digging deeper over three remaining on the surface. Having finished reading The Wolf Border I know a lot more about wolves, but still wonder what motivated the main characters. The Wolf Border is not a bad novel, it is well written and pleasant to read. I did enjoy it; I would probably have enjoyed it more if Hall had chosen to develop her characters slightly more. The Wolf Border is pleasant, nothing less nothing more.

Wolf Border


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