Tom McCarthy || Satin Island

I never managed to finish C, McCarthy’s previous short listed novel. I was not really looking forward to reading Satin Island I must admit, but I was pleasantly surprised. Satin Island turned out to be an amusing parody on the corporate world. The main person is one of those ambitious professionals who works for a high-quality consultancy with a guru-like CEO, is involved in a rather vague project that is about to change the world and furthermore he has to write the book on … Well, he’s not quite sure on what. Halfway through the novel subtly changes from a parody on corporate life to a parody on all those modern people searching for the meaning of life. The main character doubts the company, the project, his own involvement and even contemplates sabotaging it all, then again not bothering to act on his impulses. Being a bystander in the death process of his best friend, through the main person McCarthy also comments on experimental farfetched therapy’s. The therapy with oranges which reminds the main protagonist of war zones hits you beneath the belt. Satin Island is not just a parody on corporate life, it is also a search for the meaning of life. At the end of the novel the main character did not find his meaning of life and I am afraid he never will, just like the majority of us. I found Satin Island amusing, I guess it’s too high-brow, too philosophical to attract a large group of readers. I doubt whether Satin Island will win the #ManBookerPrize. Comparing it to its competitors I would love to have it win for one reason only: it’s total lack of violence which made it an exception on this year’s bleak short list.

Tom McCarthy-Satin Island


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