I started reading when I was six. The first book I was given got me hooked on reading. I’ve never stopped since. I did not mind obligatory reading lists in secondary school and decided to study English Literature at Utrecht University (I am Dutch by the way). I wrote my endpaper on modern versions of the Arthurian history and ended up with about 4 metres of books on the man.
I did not stop reading when I started working, on the contrary: many hours passed away as a commuter were spent reading. When I like a book, I love to share it. I have talked about books all my life and now I’ve started talking about them in my blog. My aim is to inspire others to read my favourite books and to stop them from reading the ones that fall short of expectation. I find it a waste of time reading a bad book, wouldn’t you agree?

2 Responses to About

  1. Love your site and your impressive rate of reading and reviewing. It was especially fun to look through your reviews to see what you thought of the same titles we’ve reviewed on Bookin’ with Sunny http://bookinwithsunny.com. Also like your photo connects to the novels.

  2. Flo says:

    Thanks for the card sent for “#bkcardex! I’m afraid I’m unable to find your email address to thank you properly but I wanted you to know the card had found its way to me 🙂

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