My photograps

I like taking pictures. Over the past two years I’ve tried to capture my interpretation of the novels I read. I did not let restrictions bother me but tried to use my surroundings as a source of inspiration. Since I could not ask Jeremy Irons or Anthony Andrews to pose for Brideshead Revisited I made do with my own teddy bear, I turned Orkney into my own Arthurian world and flowers in harsh light as backdrop for The Road. I will continue to use books as inspiration for my photography, using this blog to share them. The picture shown in the header was taken on Orkney, during The Riding of the Marches in August

Katie Fforde | A Vintage Wedding

Li portret met pama A vintage wedding 035 bleken bedekken vaag vage lenskopie

Ali Smith | How to Be Both

How To Be Both Godelieve danst 024a gericht licht blog How to Be Both Rijksmuseum 047 kronkel blog

Siri Hustvedt | The Blazing World

Bewerkt vier dames naast elkaar

Portret MIMN blog

Dave Eggers | The Circle

cirkels over handen blog

Marilynne Robinson | Lila

koffer verstopt in huis 1 blog

Hannah Kent | Burial Rites


Sarah Perry | After Me Comes the Flood 


Kate Atkinson | Life after Life


Evelyn Waugh | Brideshead Revisited


Cormac McCarthy | The Road


Christopher Brookmyre |  The Attack of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks


Donna Tartt | The Goldfinch


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | Purple Hibiscus


Ian McEwan | Child in Time


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